Client Notifications


CN188 - Increase In TAT For HP20 HPV HPVT Due To Reagent Shortage

CN187 - Change In Units For Erythropoietin (ERY) Testing

CN186 - Temporary delay to TAT for CDT testing

CN185 - Change In Reference For Urinary Free Cortisol (UCOR)

CN181 - Updated Critical Results for MedLab Pathology Reported Samples

CN180 - Change in reference range for Test Code DHEX

CN179 - Updating reporting format anti-SARS-CoV-2 (Roche) results

CN178 - Information Regarding Re-Instatement of Testing

CN177 - Centromere Antibodies Testing Update

CN175 - New Reference Ranges

CN174 - Discontinuation of Blood Cotinine (COT) Testing with Immediate Effect

CN173A - Critical Results Contact Information Form

CN173 - Communication on Critical Results

CN172 - Notification of Delay in BoBs Testing

CN171 - Discontinuation of Saliva Testing with Immediate Effect

CN170 - Possible Transport Delays for Rosalind Franklin Bloods

CN169 - Suspension of Co-Testing (Cytology & HPV) services 

CN168 - Regarding Extended Turnaround Time For Cystic Fibrosis Screen (CFS) 

CN167 - Temporary Service Interruptions for Some test Parameters 

CN166 - Discontinuation of Mycoplasma Urea Plasma Cultures (MYCS) 

CN165 - Heb B immunity Notification 

CN164 - Phospholipid IgG (PLIP) test being discontinued 

CN163 - Change to reference range for Urine Mercury-Creatinine Ratio 

CN162 - Change of adjusted calcium calculation

CN161 - Update to reporting of lipid profile 

CN160 - HPRA Safety Notice SN2019 (31), Sulfadalazine Interference with laboratory tests 

CN159 - Christmas 2019 MLP Collections - Main Schedule v2 

CN158 - Christmas 2019 MLP Collections - CUMH 

CN157 - Christmas 2019 MLP Collections SAOLTA 

CN156 - Christmas 2019 MLP Postal dates 

CN155 - Change in reporting format of Early Detection Screen PCR NAAT STDX  

CN153 v.2 - Restoration of normal services for Mycology Skin Scrapings by PCR DERM